Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Emory University



Industrial Organization, Law and Economics,

Applied Microeconomic Theory



Antitrust Law and Policy, Discrimination, Privacy, Crime and Punishment, Network Competition and Regulation, Internal Capital Markets.


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Declining Moral Standards and The Role of Law

Prejudice and Competitive Signaling, under review

Employers’ Preference for Discrimination, with Seung Han Yoo, under review

“Regulation of Internet Access,” with S. Banerjee, under review

PowerPoint Slides presented at the Third Annual Searle Conference on Internet Search and Innovation and ALEA annual meetings (Stanford Law school) (2012)

Capital Mobility and Conglomerate Mergers, with Y. Chen



Should Adultery Be Illegal? with Geunyoung Kim

Just Compensation in Eminent Domain

Optimal Strategic Alliance

Regulation in Health Insurance Markets: Two-Sided Market Approach

Mergers and Entry Deterrence