Clearing Up A Shower Drain With Handy Tools And These Simple Tips

It could be stressful to see your shower drains getting clogged. But do not worry, here is a simple solution. You can remove a blocked shower drain quickly by using a plumber’s snake. It is a versatile instrument to remove clogs. It is highly flexible and slender. With appropriate tools, the answer for how to snake a shower drain is going to be easy. A shower drain is two inches in diameter hence it can easily accommodate a snake. Follow the method given below.

Working on a blocked shower drain
A grill usually covers shower drains. Remove them and clear off any debris or hair that is attached to the grill. Take a small snake and run through the drain. A power snake which has 1/4th-inch cable is an ideal choice because it can move the clogs quickly beneath the shower. You can also use hand snakes, but the process may become a little more tedious. It is essential to clutch the cable closer to the drain to avoid kinking. Begin the process slowly. Once you have cleared the block, go down further for about ten feet. Now you can pull the power snake back.

Before closing the grate, make sure to test the drain. If you find the drains clogged still, run the power snake further. But do not go very far into a bigger drain because the snake can get kinked and it could be tough to remove the power snake back. Place the grills back once you have completed the task. Run through sufficient water into the drains as it can flush other debris and hair standing in the way.

Points to keep in mind
If the grates are fastened by screws, remove them carefully so that you do not strip them. Do not try to send the power snake through the holes in the grill. You may find it easy to send, but beware, the process of pulling back the snake back becomes difficult. Hope you find these tips easy.

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