Get Lawns Weed-Free With Weed Eaters!

Weed Eaters

Blessed is the homeowner who owns a house with a well-kept lawn!
Imagine the joy that comes while sauntering amongst the beautiful green plants and trees, perhaps spying a few decorated with a colorful flower or two! Such is the happiness one derives while beholding such a serene sight as a garden neatly tended. Ask any avid gardener as to what is the most troublesome aspect of gardening, and most probably, the reply would contain only a few references to getting the plants to take root and bloom. In fact, according to, many a green thumb’s greatest bane has been the sight of unwanted weeds amongst the prized plants!

A weed, according to, is an unwanted wild plant, growing amongst cultivated plants. Apart from spoiling the overall look of a garden, as they propagate faster than the regular plants, weeds tend to snatch away the precious nutrients from the soil. This leads to the weakening, and subsequent decay of the cultivated plants. Amateur, as well as professional gardeners, spend massive amounts of time weeding their lawns and gardens, in order to obtain a neat, weed-free look. At times, the process of weeding may even seem futile, as newer weeds tend to sprout up fast. It’s really most disheartening to see a weed sprout up, just as you finish weeding the garden!

What’s The Best Way To Combat Weeds?
Well, one way to get rid of weeds is to get down on all fours and manually pluck them out, roots and all. It is effective, but it’s also pretty much a back-breaking process! It’s definitely not recommended for older people, and even for individuals suffering from acute backaches, etc.
Another option is to spray weedicides. However, this is the least-recommended route, as it involves spraying harmful chemicals, that ultimately leach through the soil and into the groundwater.

One of the most effective techniques being adopted to get rid of weeds is to invest in a good-quality weed eater.

What Are Weed Eaters?
Contrary to its name, weed eaters do not eat weeds! These are actually machines that aid in trimming away unwanted weeds and plants. Known by several names like weed whackers and string trimmers, these machines are a godsend for those who own large lawns.

Essentially, these machines consist of a long shaft fitted at one end with a handle and a power-switch, while the other end has a reel of string usually made of a tough but pliable material like nylon.

Weed eaters typically come in three types:
Electric Weed Eater
These weed eaters have to be plugged into an electric socket for it to work. It is perfect for small lawns and gardens, using very less power than the gas-powered ones. However, the flip-side is that the power cord tends to restrict mobility.

Gas-powered Weed Eater
This type of weed eater depends on fuels like gas and oil, and overcomes the limitations that plague the Electric weed eater. These are ideal for large and expansive lawns. However, these weed eaters tend to get noisy.

Battery-powered Weed Eater
The advantages of the above two types can be seen in battery-powered weed eaters. Free from the restrictions of the power cord, this model is both noise-free and lightweight!

Choose weed eaters carefully, after assessing your needs. They are a great help in attaining a weed-free lawn and garden!

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