Importance Of Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

Homeowners look at most aspects of home maintenance, but one thing they tend to ignore is the top of the building, the roof. Matrix Roofing calls the roof the most sensitive part of your building as it is open to assault from the extremes of weather and other elements and hence there is a higher risk of damage to it. Maintaining the roof is an ongoing activity, and lack of it is the primary reason for its damage and can reduce the life of the roof drastically. There are a few other purposes why you should maintain your roof.

Life of your roof improves: Roof is exposed to all types of extreme weather like wind, snow, heat, and rain and so it is essential to avoid damage to it through proper maintenance. Maintenance activity improves the life of the roof. Apart from enhancing the span, you can also save on the expense involved in the cost of repair. It is to be noted that maintenance and repair are entirely different things, maintaining it will reduce the chances of restoration and minimize future expenses for repair. Maintenance activity should regularly be conducted and how often you should do this is based on the age of the roof, weather conditions and the issues that are present. Ensure you check the roof at least once a year for any problems.

Roof maintenance is only partly covered: Check your home insurance for warranty details on roof maintenance. Even if it is covered, insurance companies will ensure you have done all the necessary maintenance activities and then release the money for repair. Every warranty will also have exceptions and will also exclude if materials are not correctly installed or damage is caused due to something other than weather. You should even show proof to the insurance company that proper maintenance was done to make a warranty claim.

Saves you from unwanted expense: Maintaining a roof can help you save money. How? Companies which offer roofing services make money out of the emergency calls that you make when your roof starts leaking due to lack of maintenance or otherwise. These services are provided on a time basis, with extra charges on weekends, holidays or after office hours. In an emergency circumstance, you will not have the time to look for companies which offer the best price; you end paying what they quote. To avoid all this hassle, timely and regular maintenance along with thorough inspection can help you save not only the money but also the time you have to spend on repair and other activities.

Uncover hidden damages: If you do not thoroughly inspect and maintain your roof, the only way to know if your roof is damaged is when it starts to leak. Water leaking from the roof is a significant problem as it leads to damages to an attic, wood frames, steel, etc. Water leak also forms molds, and you can end up with leaky walls. In extreme cases, it can also lead to wall collapse. To avoid all this, perform checks regularly, find and fix issues as and when they crop up.

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