You Must Know These Things About Asbestos Removal And Clearance Inspections!

Asbestos removal works have to be done with extreme care as they may result in serious health issues. After the removal also, care has to be taken before restarting the work on the site again. Professional services like SERS’s asbestos testing provide clearance inspection to confirm the successful completion of the removal process and ensure that that is no dust remaining.

Most of the clearance inspection firms give a clearance certificate once the inspection is completed. The clearance inspection is very important when it comes to the safety of the workers on your site. According to, many people are victims of a disease called mesothelioma where inhalation of the harmful particles from asbestos is the main culprit. Here are a few things which you must know about asbestos removal inspection.

The assessor must be licensed
Clearance inspections should be carried out by licensed consultants; this is the rule since 2013. So, while selecting a company for the inspections of your site, you must enquire about the company’s license policies. The inspection would be legally valid only with a proper license.

Teamwork is a necessity
Asbestos is a very serious issue for construction projects. It affects not just the health of people, but the budget of the projects as well. If the removal and clearance inspection does not take place rightly and asbestos is found in a later stage of work, then the whole project would have to come to a halt. So, it is necessary to employ excellent consultants for inspection.

They must not just have the technical knowledge, but should also possess the skills of teamwork to work in coordination with the asbestos removal contractors and the project contractors. The most cost effective and safe solution can be implemented only if a strong coordination is there.

Inspection certificates
As already mentioned, the asbestos clearance process should issue a clearance certificate once the process is completed. The certificate confirms that the following processes have been done

· The site is visually inspected to make sure that all the asbestos containing materials are removed.
· Air is regularly monitored during the removal process
· The settled dust samples are tested in laboratory
· The removal work is in compliance with the legal notification and control plan

What if the inspection is not done properly?
Having read the above details, you might be curious to know what happens if the clearance inspection is not done rightly. It is not just a legal formality to be completed before restarting work. It has much more significance. There have been issues in the past where millions of dollars were spent for asbestos removal only to find out later that the removal was not done completely and many people were diagnosed with mesothelioma. So, it is a must to get the inspection done by an efficient team of licensed professionals.

Prevention is better than cure
Once you are aware of the dangers, then it is better to take proper care than to regret later in future. So, if you have an asbestos removal done, ensure that its effectiveness is certified by a clearance inspection.

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